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Originally Posted by harmonicamoon View Post
The Menonites came to Mexico from Germany in the 1940's. They speak low German. The men speak Spanish in order to do business here. I don't know if the women speak Spanish, because they don't speak to outsiders.

Since they are farmers, they must have come from the low lands. Hence, speak low German.
I come from a Mennonite background. I can state without reservation that the vast majority of Mennonites who emigrated to North America in the late 1800s and early 1900s were farmers. And, depending on their point of origin, they spoke either low or high German.

My ancestors originally came from Switzerland and spoke what we called 'Schweizer Deutsch' (Swiss German), which I believe is a dialect of high German. As has been mentioned, other groups spoke 'Plattdeutsch' (low German); these folks originally came from NW Germany or the Netherlands. So the German speakers in my home community spoke high German; the German speakers in the Mennonite community 20 miles away spoke low German.

Both of these dialects are dying out, at least around my home town.