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Man U seem to have turned so many corners, that they're back where they started. I'm really hoping they can find some more consistency, starting with beating Sheffield United convincingly in their next game. Unfortunately, the international break probably won't help with this.

I'm extremely impressed with Brendan Rogers and Leicester this season (I know, hardly a controversial view). I think an analyst on Match of the Day (probably Danny Murphy, can't remember) summed it up best by saying Leicester are clearly a team that has been well-drilled and crafted by their manager, whereas Arsenal just looked like the manager wrote 11 names on a sheet of paper. It's a bit mystifying to me why Arsenal are struggling so much. Likewise Spurs. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think many fans of either team expected their seasons to start like this (whereas there are plenty of pessimistic Man U fans whose expectations have been largely fulfilled). Also, Lampard and Chelsea are doing a good job of proving me wrong so far.

Liverpool - no words to describe how good they are, they deserve their lead. Kind of hoping for an implosion, but like last year, I'd rather they won the league than Man City (or Chelsea). For Leicester to win again would be truly amazing - it's not going to happen, but they have totally confounded my prediction when they reached 7th in the table last season that it would be their highest position for the next decade. Kudos to them.

At the other end of the table, Southampton look about done already - I hope not, and they have plenty of time, but their form is just so poor. It would be nice to see a club stick with their manager and see that pay off, though.