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Probably too late, but there are lots of different ways around this:

1. The aforementioned foiling the breasts.
2. Spatchcocking (butterflying) the turkey and cooking flat.
3. Icing the breast (you can use frozen gel packs on plastic bags) for a few hours before cooking, so they start at a cooler temperature.

America's Test Kitchen and Serious Eats are both strongly against basting. From ATK's twitter:
America's Test Kitchen

Nov 26
Donít baste your turkey. Basting does nothing to create moist meatóit only slows down cooking and turns the skin chewy and leathery.
While some people will swear up and down that you have to baste because that's the way I learned it and there is no room for improving what I learned, I'll go with the people who subject hundreds of turkeys to the scientific method for determining these things.
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