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Originally Posted by cckerberos View Post
Don't know why, but I ended up playing more multiplayer today than single player. Got my Quarian Infiltrator up to level 18 and all the "Galactic Readiness" stuff up to 100%. I wonder if that decays over time?
I think it does; it drops 2% to 3% from yesterday. However doing one map can restore 3% to 4%, so it's not a big loss. It could be random too, and if I am not wrong, entirely server-side.

Originally Posted by FinnAgain View Post
Wait, what?
You can't beat single player without playing multi? Is this for fucking real?
You can beat it without having to play multi-player just that if you don't you need to finish lots more war assets (your final war assets is modified by the readiness factor, so I guess for end-game, as long as you have enough numbers, it add up).

I guess the plus points is that you can let entire worlds go to hell and still have enough war assets to push through, if you plays lots of multi-player.

Ok some questions:

I tend to save worlds (Hannar, Rachni Queen etc.) over saving individuals. I think both add to your war assets, but will there by any change in the storyline. So far I have let the Spectre agent died to save the Hannar, and Grunt's company died to save the queen; do I need those individuals' help again, or were it be abstracted as just a number?