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Originally Posted by Knowed Out View Post
1. Mankind's near suicidal HellinaCell match with Undertaker --- Foley said afterward that everybody always asks him "Did it hurt?" He said no, because he was unconscious the whole time.
If you ever get a chance to, I seriously encourage you to check out Mick Foley's standup/spoken word show, "Tales of Wrestling Past". I saw it this past February (here's me posing with him at a pre-show photo op as proof) and I wasn't even really watching WWF at the peak of Mick's career, but I found it to be a really insightful look at the business in addition to being downright hilarious. A big part of the show revolves around the match you mentioned, and his memories of it (to the extent that he could piece them together by watching the tape afterward), and there are a lot of other interesting anecdotes he tosses out in the course of things as well.