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Originally Posted by Martin Hyde View Post
I started watching again "full time" (meaning I regularly catch a weekly show) about 3 months ago. I have to admit with the WWE Network I've watched some of the big PPV matches I missed and some of them make me wish I hadn't taken such a long hiatus (Michaels vs Undertaker at WM25 for example is amazing, even John Cena vs CM Punk at MitB 2011 was also very good.) I'm not sure if maybe the product in general was good from 2003-2013, but that is the period I didn't watch.The quality of the wrestling is not good and the storytelling isn't either (and they go hand in hand.) I don't actually think it's a lack of talent, but just some problems in how WWE wants its matches to look these days.

Additionally, what happened to telling a story in the ring?

WWE used to have stories for the entire card, now it's really just the top card that has any kind of story.
There's some great matches from 2002-2013. Anything with HBK is going to steal the show, as always. Watch him vs Kurt Angle or the one where he wrestled HHH and Benoit.

The late 90s was when they stopped telling stories in the ring. That's why I hated the Attitude Era. The New Generation had people like Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart tearing down the house in the ring. The AE changed it so they would give a 30 minute promo and then a 5 minute match.

The New Generation was bad about having stories for the undercard too. Raw would open with a non-title tag team match, then a decent midcard match, then the current champ wrestling a local jobber. That was how I remember most 1 hour Raw episodes.