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Originally Posted by Skywatcher View Post
True, but he's clueless regarding certain bits of the world at large anyway.
Quite the understatement. Anyone who hasn't read every single post ever made by Dougie is missing out on one of Western Civilization's best values in entertainment.

Not only does he supply inadvertent hilarity, with inappropriate callbacks to early Mad Magazine articles and Dragnet episodes, but the real fun always begins when someone pokes fun, and he gets huffy. He really believes he's winning against his godless opponents with his brilliant-yet-arcane one-liners. From the "Can't find the A/C thread":

Originally Posted by dougie_monty View Post
You're about as entertaining as one wrestler.
And when no one "got" the "joke":
Originally Posted by dougie_monty View Post
You who heckle me are not amusing...
What I might want to see is a one-armed paperhanger who has the hives.
This isn't trolling, it's beyond that. So much sadder and funnier.