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Meagan Martin holding steady as second best female competitor, slightly behind Jessie Graff.

Brian Arnold and Ian Dory looking impressive. But what happened to the rest of the wolfpack? Ninja Doctor Noah Kaufman? American Ninja Warrior Champion Isaac Caldiero? I'm slightly afraid to look it up on google lest I accidentally stumble on someone who has already spoiled the results of this season (assuming it's already been filmed).

Jake Murray rubs me the wrong way, but I gotta admit he's impressive.

Lorin Ball continues the subtheme we've had all season of experienced vets failing in embarrassing ways.

I really like the short gymnast guy who was maybe the second runner overall. I wonder if he'll just be too small to stick the jumping spider? Because he looks pretty impressive. I wouldn't be surprised to see him making deep runs at Mt. Midoriyama in a few years.

That video of a jump from the high roof to the house roof to the circular stairway... YIKES!