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Originally Posted by Ellis Dee View Post
I'm only halfway through last night's episode, but I'm wondering if they made Rolling Thunder easier than in qualifying. The guys keep repeatedly saying they made it harder by adding a third plexiglass panel, but as I recall the plexiglass panels covered their entire wedges in qualifying. The three panels in the finals only covered half of each of their wedges, making each one far less difficult to deal with. By, like, a huge amount.

Am I remembering that wrong?
I'm pretty sure you're right. Unless there was some other change that made it harder, it was actually made easier for city finals, and then they kinda sorted pretended that wasn't the case.

DKW: I appreciate your passion and your lengthy posts but... I gotta say I 100% disagree with you on this one. And I think you're being a dick about it. It's not like ANW went out of its way to turn into "American Ninja Warrior presents: let's find underrepresented people and preach at you about them". Rather, someone who is clearly very important to the life of one of their competitors, and someone who herself clearly a fan, showed up to watch the city finals, and they put her on air without judgment, despite her unusual and (to some) disturbing condition. And because her friend had a remarkably good run, she was on the air a fair bit. Good job Flex. Good job ANW. Bad job you.

More minorly, I agree that it's a bit silly of them to get too worked up about whether or not they had any finishers, given that that clearly doesn't directly matter. But, fundamentally, the show is about ninjas trying to complete things. If they're not talking about whether the ninjas completed things, what ARE they going to talk about? Well, obviously, the answer is, backstories of competitors, which you seem to hate even more...