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Nate Burkhalter: My job took me to Norway. Which has cold water! And fishing boats! And...mountains! Hey, I never asked to get shipped to a place with no convenient ethnic stereotypes, get off my case!
Sam Ballard: I was unathletic growing up, but because my father is now dying of leukemia, I've decide to get in shape to compete in a ridiculously cheesy reality show with no sporting history or prestige, where one tiny mistake knocks me out for the year, and where I'll never earn a damned penny! Yes, wiseguys, this did, in fact, seem like a good idea at the time!
Karsten Williams: At the last all-stars event, I ruled Super Salmon Ladder. Yes, I understand that it's a very small part of the regular contest. Let me have my moment, will you?
Thomas Stillings: Hey, everybody, I have a GIRLFRIEND!!!! My GIRLFRIEND!!!! quit her job to support my ninja gym business. I'm so fortunate to have such a supportive GIRLFRIEND!!!!
Jonathan Horton: I was so bummed when I got injured and couldn't compete in gymnastics in Rio. That's why I'm glad to be in ANW, because it has a number of obstacles which kinda-sorta vaguely resemble gymnastics apparatus if you squint a bit!
Kacy Catanzaro: I considered quitting ANW. But then I decided not to quit ANW. Also, training buddies. Look, I don't have a quirky cell in my body and I'm never getting back with Brent Steffensen, just deal with it.
Kenny Niemitalo: My daughter needed a kidney donor or else she wouldn't live. So I used ANW to search for a kidney donor. For my daughter. So she would live. And, miracle of miracles, we found a kidney donor! Who generously donated her kidney to my daughter! Who got to live! And now I'm dedicating this run to this wonderful, selfless kidney donor who gave a kidney to my daughter so she could life, and now my daughter will be able to see the very woman who donated her a kidney which allowed her to live. Geez, one and a half minutes can't be this freaking long.
Barclay Stockett: Kacy Catanzaro's historic 2014 inspired me to be a part of this. And now we're the best of friends. Figured you'd like something nice and personable for a change.

Hmm, very feast or famine this week. Neimitalo's, in particular, was so paint-by-numbers that the cynic in me actually thinks they're hiding something. Was pleasantly surprised by Stockett's, mainly to remind everyone that there's a reason NBC really likes Catanzaro. Plus friendship is always cool.

Checking my notes, in last year's Cityfinals' there were 1, 4, 4, 2, and 0 finishers, respectively. So Daniel Gil being the only finisher tonight (that dude's STRONG) didn't surprise me at all; that just seems to be the direction this contest is heading. What did surprise me...a little...was that he was the only one who managed Elevator Climb this week, while five handled it no trouble in Los Angeles. Guess it's the luck of the draw.

Max - See, see, you could've said "early exits" or "surprise knockouts" or whatever. I hate terms like "embarrassments". Embarrassing to who, exactly? You had money on them or something? At some point you just have to accept that crap happens in sports, and even more so when the sport is designed from the ground up to make crap happen.