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Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post
This is exactly what I've done. See here and here.
I'm envious of your neat network laying. Mine looks like spaghetti.

Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post
I tried it. Works great! Almost too great, actually... I now have a virtually infinite power supply. I converted just a tiny bit of oil and one small magma chamber (not even fully cool, but solidified) and now have an enormous chamber full of natural gas. The only tricky part is cooling it off. I sent it to an ice chamber but that will only last so long. I may need to repurpose one of my nullifiers.

I'm actually kinda running out of things to do. I guess I can try building a solar array to be totally sustainable.

It turns out that you don't even need a boiler, just crude oil which is close to magma. A single tile of abyssalite/igneous rock can hold in the magma and transfer heat to the oil which then turns into natural gas like this:
The gas pump is up the ladder with an airlock on top.

Transforming more oil into natural gas will probably involve very carefully nibbling at the two tiles left of the magma.

Is there a way to activate an automated system whenever there's anything in a pipe? Not a specific element but anything. I'm trying to automate filters and I can hardly use the presence of a specific element in the feeding pipe as trigger since I can't be sure of what will go into the filter (otherwise I wouldn't need a filter).

A trick I've found useful: If you're going to build a significant amount of ladders or tiles and don't want to have long supply runs, look around the area in which you intend to build for the most common mineral. Mine that in priority 7 then order the ladders/tiles in priority 6. That will provide you with nearby building material and make the process much faster.