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Yes, the way tasks and resources are ordered has to be complex which leads it to be counterintuitive. If a Dupe is moving away from a higher priority task you've assigned, it's possible that it's heading to a lower priority task it got before the higher priority task. You can click on the Dupe and have it move a few squares to shake it out of its focus and it'll update its tasks queue.

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Yeah. Be careful . One advantage of a boiler (even without extra tiles) over just letting a big pool of oil run into the magma is that you don't waste any heat to the unconverted oil. By letting the oil get close to the magma, some of the heat is being lost to the big pool of oil (including oil that will never get converted). If you instead dribble in tiny amounts of oil at a time, you don't run into this problem.
You're right, I tried it and it was better at transforming crude oil into petroleum then natural gas. I got squares with hundreds of kilograms of natural gas pressure.