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Without belaboring the point, I would say that you've walked back the claim just a bit, but it's not worth arguing about. And, no, I would not take the bet that none of his dollars have made their way to the relief organizations assisting the caravan. But to say that 'giving money to a relief organization is funding the caravan' is more than a bit of a stretch, IMHO.

The Catholic Legal Immigration Network is among the groups noted by your cite that is also assisting the caravan. This Network, which has 330 programs across the country, certainly has received funding from a fair number of American Catholics. Are those good folks also trying to subvert the sovereignty of the United State? For that matter, is anybody who donates to a relief organization that gives aid to the people in the caravan trying to subvert the sovereignty of the United States?
Thank you for answering. As far religious groups like the one you mention, I think they confuse the responsibility of individuals and their organization with the responsibilities of the state. I am not of the mind that the state should allow religious beliefs to outweigh the Constitution and the rule of law. If a priest is going to break the law, I'd simply arrest him. It might go too far to say that they are trying to subvert the sovereignty of the US, but they are trying to subvert the rule of law. But I think that becomes a free speech issue. But what I was alluding to above about arresting a priest or similar has to do with harboring illegal criminals and the like.