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Originally Posted by Ludovic View Post
It is true, and while inaccurate, it's not really a neologism now, having existed for around 1 1/2 centuries.
Well, you are correct. I actually never realized it was restricted to Jews.

All that said, whoever says it and for whatever reason, it is not unreasonable to say that Israel might well be buying off American politicians. If we can accuse Trump and his congressional minions of taking Russian, or Saudi, or Omani, or Ukrainian or whoever money and being thereby influenced, there seems no reason why we can't (if evidence exists) accuse some lawmakers of being likely to be under the influence of Israeli or Jewish contributors.

The NRA is a lobby that encourages the use of devices that kill by homicide over 10000 Americans every year, three or four times what the toll was on 9/11, yet we have a clear political and moral divide between Americans whether that is a problem worthy of calling out politicians who take NRA money.

One could even go to an extreme and say that Warren or Sanders, asking for small donations only, could be accused of then being influenced to take money from wealthy Americans and give it to poor ones. Some folks think that is a great idea, others, not so much.