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Originally Posted by brossa View Post
If Peter Parker had said "How's she going to get it to the portal before they wreck it" and the female heroes all say "she'll have help", does that negate all of the objections?
I don't have any personal objections to the scene. I'm just saying that thinking it was ham-handed or otherwise didn't work for you doesn't mean that you "Didn't get it".

It's a movie. More specifically, it's a superhero action movie. Everything is set up for a reaction or Rule of Cool. It's not as though Marvel's race with the gauntlet was derived from some academic assessment of her powers, it was "what's going to look cool and get a desired reaction?" If it failed to get that reaction from you, it's not a failing or misunderstanding on your part, it just didn't work for you.

I stand corrected on the mooks; I thought she got knocked off course or something there but I could very well be in error with my remembering.

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