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That doesn't make any sense. Tony Stark has absolutely killed humans, as well as non-human mooks, ever since the very first time he put on the suit. He killed thousands or millions of Chitauri when he redirected the nuke through the portal in Avengers. He's never killed at quite the scale of Thanos, but I think he'd be perfectly happy dusting Thanos's entire army.
He's not a killer at heart. As soon as he saw, first-hand, the effects of the munitions manufactured by his company, he stopped manufacturing them. Everything he experienced during the Battle of New York - including having to kill a ton of Chitauri - gave him PTSD. Everything he did since then - Ultron, the Sokovia Accords - was for the sake of taking the killing out of his hands, or at least the decision that killing is necessary out of his hands. He does not have the heart to end lives.