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I can see that I have an overly developed 'suspension of disbelief' gland. Oh, not due to Endgame. Saw it and Loved it and didn't hardly have to exercise it at all. It's just that watching this thread, I realize nobody could possibly make a movie where someone wasn't all Comic book guy disappointed over it.

I mean, it doesn't have NEAR the plot holes of Star Trek Discovery and I'm pretty entertained by that, too.

The women teamed up. The 'gang pose' is a well known trope in MCU movies and this was just another one. the Unfazed Marvel Head-Butt was was Thanos improvising with the power stone to gain the upper hand. and of COURSE a morphing nano-tech Stark Hand would interface and be Stark Controllable. That was also AWESOME. And Cap got his girl in the end. (Awesome) And I thought we were doomed, like, three different times during the end battle. (Awesome)...And Fat Thor (The irony of having a hafthor in GOT is not lost on me).

And the only spoiler I had going into it was Professor Hulk (in an ad, in the background of IMDB of all places.) which made the whole thing really enjoyable.

And Rabbit talking Thor down...and Thor getting closure with Mom...and...and...and.