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Originally Posted by Unreconstructed Man View Post
But if you allow people access to female spaces on the basis of a simple self-certification (such as genderqueer people who feel more like a woman on a given day, for example) then you’re also allowing predators who’ve no compunction about just flat-out lying about such things the same privilege.
Do you have any examples of this?

(No, the previous example mentioned isn't that - Karen White is not "pretending" to be a woman; she's just straight-up a woman, lived her life as a woman, and she wasn't "lying" when she went to prison as a woman. She's just a woman who happens to be a rapist.)

And, beyond that, is there any reason to believe this is a more serious concern than lesbians in public restrooms raping women (and thus equal justification to ban lesbians from public accommodations)?

Well, let's start with reason to believe this is a more serious concern than roving gangs of biker mice from mars.

For women who (for understandable reasons) are uncomfortable around men, and who have absolutely no way to tell the difference between genuine trans people and lying predators, this can be very troubling.
Speaking of "no way to tell the difference"...
Rush said the man explained he was trying to protect his mother, an elderly woman who was also using the women’s restroom, although the mother did not seem to notice her presence.

“She didn’t seem concerned at all. She just walked right past me and went into the bathroom,” Rush said.

Once the man started to leave the bathroom, Rush confronted him and started recording. In the video she uploaded to Facebook, the man is seen arguing that he thought Rush was male because of how she was dressed. Rush said there have been numerous times when she has been openly judged or asked to leave while using a women’s restroom or a locker room. This time she feared for her life.
Footage of US police forcibly removing a gay woman from a girls’ toilet has begun circulating the internet, in a harsh example of America’s damaging new anti-LGBT laws.

The 50-second video, which was uploaded to Facebook by activist Tamara McDaniel, shows an alleged lesbian woman being told to leave the female restroom. She is called “sir” by the officers, asked for ID to prove her gender, and then pinned against the wall and escorted out.

“A lesbian was harassed and forced to leave a public restroom because the police insist she's a man,” wrote McDaniel in the accompanying caption. “Is this what ‘Make America Great Again’ means?”
However, the couple’s night was ruined when Charlie was stopped by a security guard after leaving the women’s bathroom, who “aggressively told her to leave the premises.”

Walton said: “Char was incredibly upset and asked why. The guard said it was because she had used the women’s toilets.

“Char asked him to confirm that he was saying she wasn’t allowed to use the women’s toilets. He confirmed that she wasn’t allowed to use them, and that as she had she needed to leave the premises.”
And so on and so forth.

Look, if you want to relitigate the whole "should transwomen use the women's bathroom" issue, there are threads from like 3 years ago where it was discussed in detail. You're way behind the curve on this one.

What, specifically, other than “suck it up, buttercup”, would you actually say to those women to convince them that this is a good idea?
"Your odds of being assaulted by a transwoman in a restroom are akin to your odds of being assaulted by Jeff Goldblum in a restroom. The kinds of predators who will assault like this don't need an excuse to go into the women's restroom; they will anyways. Transwomen in men's bathrooms face extremely high odds of assault and harassment. And there's more but I can't be fucked to relitigate this issue again."

Aww, see, I was looking for shit from the 70s and 80s, but apparently it never fucking stopped.

Like, there's "not woke", and then there's "not awake".