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Also, while we're bagging on that nonsense, let's be clear - there's a difference between "Ad Hominem" ("You're an asshole, therefore you're wrong") and "Extraneous Insults" ("You're wrong, and by the way, you're also an asshole"). My post was the latter, directed at Quillette. It's a pseudointellectual hotbed of alt-right nonsense - the thinking man's Daily Stormer. If you're looking for an excuse to believe any given nasty right-wing idea, it's a great place to look!

I'm not interested in what they have to say. I wasn't interested in your link, period - I didn't even click it, that's why it took me a minute to realize you had cited a source best known for its defense of the "human biodiversity" (AKA "race realist" AKA "scientific racist" AKA "smearing lipstick on the KKK pig") movement. I just read "First of all, the APA guidelines that you linked to are political propaganda, not science" and then stopped reading, because I don't care what comes after that statement. You've stated outright that the foremost scientific authority on the subject is "political propaganda", putting you firmly in the same camp as the people who are really pissed off that the APA doesn't still think homosexuality is a mental disorder. At that point, it's clear - it doesn't matter what evidence I cite, the most authoritative possible source was dismissed out of hand. So why bother?