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Originally Posted by you with the face View Post
The same difference is seen in the self-harming behaviors that depressed, socially alienated women engage in vs the outwardly violent behaviors of their male counterparts. Both are damaging, but the latter is going to affect more people more severely. Add a gun worshipping culture on top of that which celebrates “bad asses” and you have things like mass shootings.

We talk all the time about how media portrayals of super skinny women contributes to eating disorders and other obsessions in women who internalize the idea that to be beautiful and worthy, they have to be thin. Toxic femininity in other words. What we really haven’t discussed is how media portrayals contributes to analogous pathologies in men.
It may be more difficult to the media to see them for the same reason that fish are the last to realize the existence of water: When you're so used to an axiom or perspective that it's part of your worldview, you may ascribe to the entire world what is in fact a smudge on your lens. People who have male toxic personalities tend to seek money, fame and power, like the kind you would find in business, especially showbusiness. Or US politics which has a nasty blend of money, fame and power that's lesser than the sum of its parts.

To have an idea of the kind of impact gender socialization can have, look at how black men are differently affected than black women by racism. Black men are far more likely to engage in self/other-destructive behavior than black women. Not because they're black but because they suffer from being in a stressing racist environment combined with many of them having been raised in a honor culture that feeds toxic masculinity.

When you combine a stressor like racism, economic anxiety or some other hardship with toxic masculinity, you can end up with some very nasty results, probably because it gets some men to see a hostile world (which may indeed contain major elements which are unfairly hostile) to which they may respond as if there were a war between them and the whole world.

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