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AFAIK, a large proportion of health insurance companies already offer free or low-cost vasectomies.

I doubt it's the availability that's holding more widespread adoption of vasectomy back; rather I'm pretty sure it's squeamishness about doctors cutting on one's nutsack and the associated plumbing, along with fear that complications might leave them impotent or de-masculinized.

I don't doubt that an ignorant few don't realize that it's not the same thing as castration as well.
There are many, many variables. IMHO, the biggest disadvantage to a vasectomy is that it isn't immediately effective; the couple must use a second form of birth control for at least 3 months, until he's delivered a sperm cell-free semen sample. Plus, tubal ligation/removal (see footnote) is often done concurrently with a cesarean section, and while the procedure is more invasive, it's effective IMMEDIATELY. I also read about a woman whose husband offered to have a vasectomy, but she went ahead and had the tubal because that vasectomy wouldn't protect her if she was raped - something she had never experienced but it was a concern of hers. It was the right decision for them.

Footnote: I heard recently that many gynecologists are removing tubes, not tying them, because it doesn't take much longer, and it's believed that a lot of ovarian cancer actually originates in the tubes.

It's like any other birth control decision: Each couple needs to do what is right for them.