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I'm all for making them cheap and easily available. I think I had to pay for mine, but it was well worth it, and cheaper than flying to Denmark to get my wife another IUD. (This was when they were impossible to get in the US.) Age requirements can be done the same as today.

But I wonder if the religious fanatics who don't want to even let the government pay for free birth control for women employees would have the same snit fit for free vasectomies.
Re: the last sentence of your first paragraph, the problem with age requirements as they are today is that there's presently no law or requirement that men below the age of 45 or whatever cannot get vasectomies; it's more of an operational norm rather than a legal prohibition for docs to deny them to men of a certain age out of concern that such men are 'too young' or likely to change their tune at some inordinate point in the future.

My idea is to just jettison that practice and make it mandatory for docs to provide vasectomies to any willing men above 16+ years old. In a world where abortion is either incredibly restricted or outlawed outright, then this might make that sort of nightmarish environment at least somewhat tolerable.