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Originally Posted by Ellis Dee View Post
Tons of movies clock in at under 90 minutes, and even though the "previously on" bits can eat up several minutes, feature credits are typically longer than the previously on and final credits combined. The show title sequence is probably equivalent to feature opening credits.

80 minutes is short for a feature, agreed, but only by around 5 minutes. 85 minutes including credits isn't unusual.
Just because there are some which are under 90 minutes, they are by far untypical of anything of feature length.

If it's a feature, and its less than 1:30, then fair enough.

If it's NOT a feature, but pretending to be like one, because of the length, when its not actually what is typically and normally feature length, then it's not feature length...

They aren't feature length, was the point. None of them were. Some seemed to trick me because there was a 15 minute making on stuck on the end, to seem like it was, but it was all in the end not a feature length, but an extended episode for 4 of the 6 episodes.

In the end, it is pretty representative of Game Of Thrones: promises something, which turns out to be a load of bollocks....