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A Bugatti Chiron.

*drops mic*

A certain local billionaire hangars his fleet of aircraft next to the aviation museum where I work on weekends. When I drove into the parking lot this morning, our neighbor was hosting a gathering of about three dozen exotic cars for a photoshoot with the planes (and helicopters) as props. The Chiron apparently is his.

A car that cost roughly 30 times what I paid for my townhouse, maybe 300 times what I paid for my daily driver (Nissan Versa, thanks for asking), goes from zero to sixty before you can finish saying "Zero to sixty", and with the horsepower of a WWII fighter. Jeepers, talk about wretched excess. OK, I'd still accept an invitation to drive one.

Then there were the various visiting Lambos, McClarens, Porsches, etc, but I was particularly amused by the presence of a clean Ferrari Testarossa in all its Miami Vice glory.

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