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Well, only since you asked...

Originally Posted by Chingon View Post
Does all liquid soap confuse you?
Um, sort of?

When I was a little kid, I thought liquid soap was pretty cool. Mostly, I think, because of the novelty: I only encountered it in public restrooms. But also because it was in some sort of dispenser, and you had to push a button or pull a lever to make it come out, and pushing buttons to make things happen was So. Cool. (This was back in the dark ages before things like home computers, when human beings were still so amazingly primitive that they still thought digital watches were a pretty neat idea, so there weren't as many opportunities to push buttons as there are today. And yes, it was also a thrill to push the button to call an elevator or get a WALK signal to cross the street.)

Nowadays, I find liquid hand soap slightly annoying, because about half the time, about half the soap bloorps through my fingers before I get a chance to rub it on my hands. And yes, the novelty has long since worn off.

Showering with it sounds even worse, because I not only have to hold it in my hand, I have to carry this slippery liquid to the other parts of my body and rub it onto them, preferably without spilling most of it.

Analogy time: Washing with bar soap is like writing with something solid, like a pencil or crayon. Showering with shower gel and a sponge is like writing with a quill pen or painting with a paint brush. And using shower gel with no "devices" is like writing using finger paints.