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I would bet that what some people don't realize about showers is that not all people execute them the same way.

The assumed method is that a person turns the shower on and simply stands under it directly, with the water simply pouring all over and running down one's head, upper body, and the rest. And that at any one moment, a person's whole body is constantly under running shower water.

Not everyone does it that way. If you DO do it that way, and attempt to use shower gel casually as you would use bar soap ... yeah, the shower gel will be rinsed off your hands before you get much soaping done.

Now then. Another way some people shower is to position one's body, the shower head, or both so that only desired body parts are being wetted at any one time. This is even easier if one uses a removable shower head and a hose as opposed to a more fixed-position shower head.

I use shower gel frequently, and never use a sponge or loofah or cloth. Trick is, my hands are not in the running shower water as I soap up. I've stepped forward a bit and turned by back to the shower head. All the running water is hitting my upper back and running downwards while my hands are easily lathering up most of the rest of me. Shower gels do differ in viscosity, and runnier brands can require a little extra care to keep it from spilling out of your hands. Still, it's a snap to apply.

More on personal shower differences: I dislike water splashing on my face (no, I don't swim). But I've always loved a good shower. How to reconcile? I learned long ago how to shower my entire body -- including applying/rinsing shampoo in my hair -- without getting water on my face. It's really easy and familiar for me -- but I'm sure that for people who do it another way, my way seems really weird.

In recent years, I've learned to tolerate running water on my face for maybe a five-count because it's handy to wash my face in the shower. Still, I have to have a towel hanging in the shower (far from the running water, it stays dry) so that I can wipe the water off my face ASAP.


So anyway, that's one shower gel success story