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Originally Posted by Scylla View Post
No they donít.

They just decide whether or not they will get paid on time, and whether the collateral is a desirable alternative. Itís a pretty strict numbers thing.

Nope. Itís not like that. Fred can have a perfect payment history and if his debt to income is too high, than his personal responsibility is moot. If his collateral is really good it might not matter how big a piece of shit he has been, because the lender might want the collateral.
Will you admit that personal/financial responsibility is sometimes a factor when evaluating a loan application? Not everybody owns a house or car to put up as collateral. Some people rent/lease, many people already took our loans to finance their house/car.

Originally Posted by Scylla View Post
I think you are stretching to put it in these terms. Iíd be surprised to hear a hiring manager do so, especially in todayís environment where references are tough to get because of liability. They are most likely going to look at qualifications, salary requirements and interviews. You are not going to learn the kind of things you are talking about until after theyíve been hired.
Think what you may, I made hiring decisions in that manner last week. The references factor into the beginning and the end of the hiring process - either it gets the applicant's foot in the door, or it is the critical factor in the final round, or both. Especially with an entry-level position, references are important.

Besides, the same sort of thing comes up during the annual review. That's when I base my evaluation on personal experience, but the effect is usually upon wages instead of hire/fire.