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Since I'm a teacher, these kind of thing always stands out to me:

They show someone teaching a class. It's supposed to be the middle of the school year, or semester, or whatever, yet the teacher is giving an introductory lecture on the subject - the lecture they would give on the first day of class. The Indiana Jones movies are guilty of this.

The first episode of Breaking Bad had a scene like this that totally took me out. The first time we see Walter White in the classroom, he's giving a demonstration and describing what chemistry is all about. I actually thought "oh, it must be the first day of school." It's been a while since I've seen it, so maybe I'm not remembering it correctly, but later in the episode, something else established that it was the middle of the school year. So what was Walt teaching his chemistry class before that day, then?

Another one is when our hero is supposed to be a college professor who has been at their university for years, or even decades. We see them in the classroom, and they are teaching My Subject 101. It doesn't work that way in real life. Adjuncts and graduate teaching assistants teach most lower-division classes; professors rarely do. Indiana Jones is guilty of this one as well, but I give those movies a pass because maybe back in the 1930s, that's the way it was.