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Originally Posted by CairoCarol View Post
On the other hand, Trump supporters don't care. Which isn't necessarily misguided; if I found out a politician I admire was a lousy speller, it wouldn't change my feelings about them.
From what I've seen elsewhere on the Web, one thing that Trump supporters really appreciate is the fact that Trump's tweets are Trump's words, directly from the man himself, and not filtered through the White House press office or the mainstream media. Spelling and grammar don't matter; any errors just prove that Trump's messages come from Trump himself.

I wouldn't tweet. I might ask my staff to set up a White House account, so news and other things (e.g. congratulations to the Superbowl winner) could get out there, but only with my approval. At least, the messages would be coherent and correctly spelled, and we'd all be on the same page as to policy (e.g. no surprise policy statements, leaving White House staff scrambling to do damage control).