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Originally Posted by Mama Zappa View Post
Ugh. SOOOOO frustrating.

The school can abso-fucking-lutely deal with cleaning her up if needed. Our Dweezil, also autistic, was not potty trained when he went to kindergarten.

To be fair, we sent him in pullups, not regular underwear, but still, they handled it if needed. I think we did get him into underwear by some time in first grade (by buying a scooter, telling him he had to get dressed to play with it, then whoopsie, we had run out of his daytime pullups).... which resulted in a couple of "sock-drenchers" as the teacher put it before he really got it during the day. Of course, then he developed encopresis which was a treat in and of itself.
I'm glad I'm not crazy. We did (are) sending her in pull ups. I also have her bag stocked with extra changing supplies as needed.