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Originally Posted by kambuckta View Post
So you're pedalling back from your earlier comments? Good to hear.

Why is it that every time a person on this board admits to an error, people call it "back pedalling"?? That's not the first time. It is at least the third time in the past month. The point of this board is to fight ignorance, yet any time a person admits to a partial error, they are attacked as "back pedalling". That's fucking stupid.

I admitted a few posts up that there are more locals working for RT than I had expected, and admitted that I was surprised to see "Ashlee Banks" is the real name of a real American who just happens to work for a Russian news agency.
Blue infinity refines and restates his position and I confirm that I am mostly in agreement. And you call that "back pedalling"?? What the hell is wrong with you?

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