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Originally Posted by Ambivalid View Post
Thats not exactly what I said. I didnt say, "if all the people who die by other causes were to die by murder it would cause a breakdown of society". I said if murder was not illegal it would cause a breakdown in society. All those other deaths would still occur.

But lets say you dont feel like paying for a new car? Just kill the dealer and take it. Dont like the way that guy is looking at you in traffic? Shoot the fucker! Hate indiscriminately? Shoot everyone at your high school.

You are a smart guy, i dont need to tell you how, en masse, these types of unchecked behaviors would render a society unworkable.
I agree society would collapse. But I can explain why I think this. If people began murdering each other, it would be a breakdown in the moral order.

You're agreeing society would collapse. But you keep saying it's not a moral issue.

So what is it? Would it be because of the number of people dying? Do you feel society would break down if a new disease struck humanity and killed off tens of millions of people? I don't.