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Originally Posted by enalzi View Post
If I'm reading the law correctly, there's still a huge number of things that can get you suspended/expelled. It's just removing the generic "disruptive behavior" as a reason. And only for grades K through 8, which is roughly from the age of 5 through 13.

Should we really be suspending 10 year olds for being "disruptive." Do you really think there's a bunch of 9 year olds going "yeah, I can be an ass now because the law allows it!"
Hell yes they can. I've heard of even first graders assaulting teachers, blatantly being disruptive like calling teachers names, throwing things, running around the room, etc...

A friend of ours taught in one KCMO district 2nd grade room once and lasted just one semester. The kids were total BRATS and that same group had gone thru 3 teachers in the first grade. The principal would do nothing and said she only wanted to deal with positives.

And hell yes "disruptive behavior" can be bad. Your talking, constantly interrupting teachers, walking in and out of class whenever you feel. Walking around the halls and going into any class you wish. Yelling and screaming. Refusing to do any work... just read Velocity's post above of just how bad things can get.

AND if you dont nip that stuff in the bud it gets way worse. Then you see assaults on teachers and fighting and bringing weapons to school.