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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
Does this law apply only to out-of-school suspensions (OSS), or to in-school suspensions (ISS)? OSS has always been a bad idea, even regardless of any bias, because the students who receive it are likely to view it as a reward, not a punishment. Which is why most schools are now moving to ISS, where the problem student is still isolated from other students, but in a room in the school under the supervision of the school's discipline official, and still expected to do whatever work the regular teachers send down to them.
ISS works if you have maybe 15 students in a room with a teacher. Get 20-30 or more... then what? What if teachers dont send work down? What if kids act up in ISS? What if they have to put a sub in ISS? What if a kid just up and walks out of ISS?

ISS can turn into chaos pretty quick.