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Originally Posted by Bone View Post
I've never read any Pratchett and that chart is confusing. Which is the majority view on where to start on Discworld?
My recommended starting points:

Small Gods is an easy first, because it's completely standalone and top-tier on most lists. Only caveat is that it's not AS funny as many of the others.

Guards Guards is great if you like police procedurals or urban fantasy.

Wyrd Sisters is great if you like more classic medieval fantasy / romance. Or Shakespeare references.

Wee Free Men is an okay choice if you prefer YA-style writing and only intend to read a handful of books.

And if you're somehow already completely onboard, just start with Colour of Magic and read in order. You'll get the best experience of watching Pratchett figure things out and there's a certain rhythm natural and meandering of topics that works nicely. Just know that the first few books are the roughest of the bunch.