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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
Trump's been handed all the success he's had in life. He was given his money by his father and he was given the Presidency by conservative efforts to rig the election process in their favor.

I'll grant that he may continue to receive these rewards. But I won't pretend he earned them through his own efforts.
I heard a podcast once that talked about the story line for successful people. In every instance it involved luck and privileged opportunity and was never solely because of the efforts and intelligence of the person.

Trump was given a HUGE head start in life and for most of his life he did what most people so fortunate would do. He lived a life of luxury, sometimes doing well, other times squandering it. But what he didn't do was end up like Jim Bakker selling wares on late night TV.

Trump did SOMETHING to get himself where he is, even it was just plain luck. I would venture to guess most would call what he has successful if it weren't for the fact it is Trump.