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Originally Posted by Kimstu View Post
Heh. You'd have a tough time finding "right wing" immigrants from most other countries who wouldn't be way left of the Republicans on a lot of issues.

Right-wingers in Poland, for example, would be shocked at the lack of publicly funded universal health care in the US, and they have far more restrictive laws on gun ownership than we do. You import a demographically significant number of Polish immigrants for "your side" and all it'll get you is faster "socialized medicine" and stricter gun control.

The US conservative movement couldn't scrounge up a reliable voting bloc for much of their wacky ideology even among most other majority-white countries, let alone from the existing voluntary-immigrant population.

It's also worth noting that before about the 1990s, Latino immigrants from Central and South American, both documented and undocumented, were far more likely than they are now to support Republican positions and politicians. Latin American immigrants were widely considered a natural "fit" for conservative politics: overwhelmingly Christian (both Catholic and more recently large numbers of Pentecostals), hardworking and ambitious, gender-traditionalist, and so on. But racist and nativist hysteria in the Republican Party (coupled with a fair bit of residual anti-Catholic prejudice) resulted in the GOP shooting itself in the foot when it came to attracting them as voters.

The current Latino immigrant/Democrat alignment was by no means inevitable (and even now is far from universal). The Republican Party largely caused it by its own shortsighted bigotry.

As a Hispanic I have to report that there was a time when I was considering to vote for McCain, but the Republican party decided to follow the "lead" of California and win for a while with a message of hate as it was in the 80s, never mind that eventually that was a big factor that turned California into one of the bluest of states.

Turns out that most Hispanics who are citizens are not amused.

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