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Yeah, I like the EvE records for all the reasons you give, and would be happy to add it to the weekly data. I haven't looked at that code since I wrote it in 2010, but it's already calculating EvE totals now for this thread so I'm thinking copy & paste and done. (Famous last words.)

Four rows of tables seems like a lot, though, so I'd probably just remove the coach grades. Coach grades are just for fun anyway; you can calculate it from the first two tables easily enough. I could remove the Actual Points row, but I like having that as verifiable with yahoo totals that the program is working correctly. (Not that I ever verify them.)

I'm thinking the Actual EvE and Potential EvE in side-by-side tables, both being your season total records. Your weekly EvE is readily available from the first two rows of tables and so is not needed. Like all other tables, you also get little green and red numbers showing your change from the previous week. (I love those.)