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Originally Posted by divemaster View Post
I'm one of those evangelical social conservatives that never drunk the Trump kool-aid. I haven't said one supportive thing for Trump, as far as I know. Not on line and not in real life. I did not vote for him and will not vote for him. I've made my opinion very clear to all the members of my family, who support him rather fanatically, especially my mom, sister, and niece. Even my wife, who is an immigrant herself, voted for him. I've tried to clue them in that they are putting their faith in a man who has no business being trusted. I guess that makes me a "never-Trumper" conservative.

I would be thrilled if he were impeached. THRILLED. I much prefer Pence. Although I'm not sure how to trust most any Republican these days as they have all sold their political souls for this charlatan who has betrayed so many conservative principles and is an international embarrassment.

I've got enough thoughts/opinions on this to write 40 pages, but I'll sum it up in two general reasons:

1) Trump does not hold his own conservative principles. As Velocity said above: ..."even Trump isn't a truly zealous social conservative; he more or less figured out how to scratch these people's itch for political gain."

He was pro-choice / pro-Planned Parenthood before he suddenly was not. When asked to weigh in on pro-life positions, it was obvious he had never even thought about the issue past sound bites he got from TV or something. He was pro gun-control before. He hobnobbed with NY liberals. Didn't the Clintons even go to his wedding? Something like that. Trump is no conservative. He just plays one on TV.

2) His policies are an embarrassment and should be anathema to most Republicans. Free Trade is a good thing. NAFTA was good. A TPP would be great. Instead, he spends all his time scuttling free trade, tariff this and tariff that (and every time on a daily whim, not some well-thought-out policy). His praising of Kim Jong Un and kow-towing to North Korea makes me want to vomit. Doesn't he realize what they do to Christians in that country? Every move he has made with regards to N. Korea is vile. His love/hate bromance with Putin is almost as bad. We should be building strong alliances with Western leaders and free Asia. Reagan is rolling over in his grave.

And along those lines, and what gripes my cookies on a DAILY basis is Trump (and yes, I admit, 99% of the Republican Party's) position on immigration. I won't go into it here, but I'm pretty much an "open borders" guy. I love immigration and the fact that folks want to come here and try to make good for themselves and their families. Not only would I let just about all of them in, I'd give them a grubstake.

I live in a part of Virginia (Prince William County) that was one the forefront of harassing immigrants. Stopping them for no reason; rounding them up for deportation, etc. Whenever a Republican candidate touted this as a bona fide, I did not vote for them. And this predates Trump. It sickens me.

Well, those are the thoughts of this never-Trump conservative. I'm not sure if I answered the OP, because in all this writing I kindof forgot what it said. But you asked? I answered.
Iím not a conservative, for a long time I considered myself one but with so many caveats that I donít think I was ever really one. Iím definitely not one now. But I do share some values with conservatives at least. Your thoughts above are very closely aligned to mine. Trump is not a conservative, heís an opportunist who has tried to make himself appeal to conservatives, and in the process has also become a darling to the ďalt rightĒ (which are conservatives the way that anarcho-communists are liberals) which he refuses to distance himself from. The way the Republican Party has submitted to his leadership and policies sickens me as it does you.