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Upon reading the story; I will say its sad for all concerned (though at least the serial rapist was caught; and her story was shown true). However, I fail to see the reason for outrage here, except for the later chargesheet against the complainant.. The police did investigate the claim; throughly. They identified gaps in evidence. Thats their job. The police would be amiss if they expended scarce funds, time and resources on a case like this. Do you think if it had gone to a Court, let alone to a jury, it would not have been thrown out. She stated that she was unsure whether she actually had been raped, she could name no one; they had no idea who was the perpetrator. I also find it unlikley they would have gotten authorization to use very expenive foresic tools with her so unsure; In real life unlike CSI those things cost a lot of money and take time.

What this shows is a need for greater focus on forsenic evidence collection, a reduction on witness statement and most importantly, proper victims advocates.