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Originally Posted by levdrakon View Post
Well, I made it to zone 33 this am. That's pretty fast for me, in roughly 24 hours or so. Things are slowing down now of course. Coordinations will start getting painful soon.

Zone 37 will be decision time. How much further do I want to push? Question, the He I both earn and spend doubles at zone 40 (Balance). Does that mean if I buy three Wormholes for 30 He I will have actually spent 60 He, or will I have spent 30 He and get back another 30, making them essentially free? If the latter, it'll be worth pushing to zone 45 or so.
Well, I don't know if calling it 'free' is quite right, but from looking at the code it appears that it adds to a pool at challengeObj.heldHelium all the applicable times you earn helium, and then gives you that much when you complete the challenge. So I think you'd get the full amount, not just a doubling of helium held on hand.

In other news I made it to level 100 in just under a week, getting ready for void maps now. I just have 4, a little below odds considering my previous deepest run was level 80 and I mostly ran with a +6.5% void map dropping heirloom equipped.