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Originally Posted by Rigamarole View Post
Yes, you definitely should be pushing to break the planet (Z60) if you can make it to 50. I would recommend the strategy of buying as many Wormholes as you can at 37, and no more after that. You probably won't even be able to afford any Collectors when you hit 50, but keep maxing out Tributes both before and after getting there so that you can buy enough of them to make it through.

Eventually yeah, you can accumulate enough Carpentry that you don't necessarily need them. I don't really like having any slowdown so I still buy a few to keep up with Coordination though, as the cost is relatively minimal and negligible in the long run (for example, just on my current run the stats show that I wormholed 283 He - but I'm up to 42.8K He earned just from the same run. Big deal).
Wow, I'm pushing for 60 for the first time this run, am currently on zone 45, have already bought the recommended 17 Wormholes, and already have 1 Coordination I'm behind on, needing 15.2K more space for. Hard to imagine getting to 50 without buying several more Wormholes. Should I have waited for a subsequent run when I had more Carpentry? I currently have Carpentry level 10.