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Yes, basically when it says you get a perk, it means that you get the option to buy it with helium. You get another button as an option to click when you're using the portal (or using a respec.)

The value of challenges varies a lot. The first challenge available, Discipline, does give you a perk the first time you do it (the Range perk, which is a small damage bonus.) That one is nothing all that special, though once Power gets expensive it's worth it to supplement. The Artisanistry perk is gained from doing the Metal challenge, it's very nice, and after that you should think about trying the Size challenge, which gives the best perk in the early game, Carpentry. These kind of challenges are intended to be done just the once to get the perk.

Later on you'll get access to Helium Challenges, which are sort of a variant of a normal run that's a bit harder but gives more Helium. These are repeatable, intended to provide variety.