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I just read the first half of the thread; most of the posters have a view almost completely opposite from mine.

The words of Jesus are very important to the Gospels, whether printed with red ink or not. Of course there's much controversy about the New Testament, but that Jesus is purported to have said these things is not strongly disputed.

Oh sure, the papers jotting Jesus' words contemporaneously have gone missing, and disciples surely "edited" the words of Jesus even if only inadvertantly. Yet still we know that (1) those words are a major source of Jesus' original support and fame, and (2) the "Christian" churches meandered here and there and de-emphasized the words of Jesus, which were sometimes contrary to Church doctrine.

I've talked to several others who though part of no organized faction touting this believed true Christian faith should follow Jesus' words (or that facsimile visible in the Gospels) more closely.