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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
But not quite. John is the antipaul, and likely never even met him.
The authorship of the Johanine works is pretty unclear. Revelations is sufficiently "different" and esoteric, that it does incline itself to being considered as part of the Jesus school of things. Except that, I don't believe, I have seen any reference to it as part of the corpus of the Gnostics, the Jewish-Christians, the Naassenes, the Ebionites, or anyone else. It's not part of Nag Hammadi. Manichaeism didn't seem to accept it.


I have read something recently indicating some usage of the Gospel of John. But, while I don't remember what that was, I feel like it was later (3rd century?).

As to the epistles.... Assuming that they're all written by the same person, I do note that the third one talks about a Gaius, Demetrius, and a Diotrephes (whose name means "Nourished by Jupiter"). To my ear, they come from a Roman not a Jew.

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