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Personally, I would say that it's almost certain that the religion of Jesus would be wildly different from the New Testament portrayal,
My point repeated a couple of times is more basic.

How do we define 'what Jesus said'? Earlier the OP agreed the idea was 'what is in the Gospels' which to me means the canonical Gospels. In which case there is no significant gap between 'Paul's religion' and the 'Jesus' religion', just on a few, or even just one particular modern social hot button that drives a lot of cultural hostility now towards Christianity IMO. That whole discussion of Paul v Jesus is largely a tangent under the assumption that 'what Jesus said' is what the 4 Gospels say he said.

If instead we define 'what Jesus said' by looking at rejected (by the Roman era Church) scripture and 'clues' and 'inferences' then 'what Jesus said' could be a wide variety of things depending which other sources, clues and inferences, highly subject to opinion and IMO doubtful to say anything much about it is 'almost certain'. There would be no general understanding or agreement as to 'what Jesus said', and discussion of a 'religion based only on what Jesus said' without a common idea 'what Jesus said' is basically pointless IMO.

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