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Originally Posted by The Other Waldo Pepper View Post
Hypothetical? Broomstick, who doesn’t seem to be at all on my side here, didn’t merely grant that there might be some dictionaries out there that don't make that notation, but immediately went on to mention one that doesn’t.
Again, an OLD dictionary. One that is also missing terms like "microcomputer" and "cellphone" and so on. It's nowhere near current.

Is it a slur to describe people as “felons” instead of phrasing it in some other way? Is it a slur to accurately describe people as “trespassers” or “perjurers” — or as “arsonists” or “burglars” or whatever, on through the alphabet — instead of wording it some other way? In a sense, you could say it is; and yet, yes, all of that strikes me as fine. So fine, in fact, that I’m not sure that’s what it means to use a slur.

Would you say ‘illegals’ is a slur the way ‘felons’ and ‘trespassers’ and ‘perjurers’ and the rest are? Or are you saying it’s a slur in a way they’re not?
A major difference between felons (and the rest of the folks you mention) and people crossing the international border without following preferred procedures is that the felons have been tried in a court of law . People wandering over the border? Who knows? Are they people with legitimate claim to asylum or refugee status? Did they get drunk and wander across the line by accident? (Believe it or not, it IS possible to cross such a border by accident)

That's why terms like "undocumented" are less inflammatory. It indicates a non-standard entry without passing judgement on it prior to a formal hearing which may or may not bring to light more information. Due process - something we're all supposed to have in the country.