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Exactly. If you're a white supremacist, then it's hard to swallow that one of the most monumental episode of mass-murder and genocide in history was perpetrated by someone who in effect, was THE supreme white supremacist.

So you deny that it actually happened, and say it's all a conspiracy, because you know, you can't have your idol actually being a mass-murderer and genocidal lunatic, and you're personally not quite evil enough to think that the Holocaust was actually a good thing either.
One would think that real Nazis are all about genocide and ethnic cleansing. They do not view it as a bad thing. There was once an interview on TV with a nice young man from the American Nazi Party who, when asked, were they in power, what his party's policy would be towards American Jews, politely explained that they would be "encouraged to leave, one way or another." He did not for a second hesitate or seem uncomfortable with the idea.