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Originally Posted by Jragon View Post
Not all Holocaust deniers outright deny it, though, either. A more common form of holocaust denial is what you may call "Holocaust minimization". That is "okay, sure, it happened, and that's awful and everything but the claims are grossly exaggerated it was maybe like a few hundred tops."
Sure, like, "Yes, a great many political dissidents, including Jews, were rounded up by Germany during WWII, in the same sense that Americans rounded up and interred the Japanese. As it happens, things didnít go we for Germany, and so conditions in the Germany internment campus were that much worse than in America, and through starvation and disease many people died. Yes, a few people were deliberately executed, but only in as much as they endorsed treason against the state. So itís not that Iím saying millions of people didnít die during WWIIóindeed, many diedóonly that the situation in Germany wasnít all that different than in the US, it was just a matter of much worse conditions. Itís a real shame the Soviet Union was so awful, though. I mean, what with their gulags and their purges, they killed even more than Germany, right? Those damn communists..."

Of course itís a crock, but a committed white supremacist doesnít really care about whatís true.