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Originally Posted by Dewey Finn View Post
I'm kind of curious what other "worlds" these people have created. Perhaps there is one where you're a swordsman in a medieval city or another set in Ancient Rome?
The movie had Medieval World and Roman World, I could see the show also having those. Or maybe even go more extreme, with a Warzone world where you can actually go kill some terrorists or something like that.

Originally Posted by John Mace View Post
isn't that on purpose?
Obviously, since no one would want to visit an actual accurate Westworld, other than some history nerds who likely wouldn't have the money to visit. But even if they're not going for total accuracy, I was wondering if the anachronism of Black Hole Sun was something that would be obvious to the visitors or is just obvious to us. I'm guessing there will be more discussions in the staff on how accurate to make things. Like where do the visitors go to use the restroom? Do they have to use outhouses and chamber pots, or are there modern restrooms that the hosts just don't see? Not the point of the show and I'm sure there won't be huge amounts of time devoted to all the details like that, it just makes me curious.